Grill Filet Mignon Steak for Dinner

Step 1) Pick up a couple of filet mignon steaks at your local meat counter.

Step 2) Buy some cold drinks, spuds, lettuce, tomatoes, and salad dressing to accompany the steak.

Step 3) Make the salad and set it aside while you fire up the grill.
Bake the potatoes in the microwave until they're almost, but not quite done, then wrap them in aluminum foil and set them on the edge of the grill where they can finish cooking when you put the steaks on.

Step 4) When the grill is ready, set your steaks on the grate, close the lid and leave them for about two minutes. Open the lid, flip the steaks and let them cook on the other side for two minutes. If you like your steak rare, this may be enough, but if you like medium or well-done filet mignon, keep flipping the steaks until they look done to your taste in the middle.

Step 5) Serve the steaks, potatoes, and salad on your best summer dinnerware and enjoy the evening.




Finding filet mignon at your local grocery store may not be that easy since it's a more expensive cut of meat. If you're planning a party, talk to the butcher about a week ahead to see if it's usually available, or available in the quantity you'll need. You may need to check with several stores.

If you're in Seattle's north end, or in south Snohomish county, check the meat counter at Central Market. They have knowledgeable staff and quality meat and seafood at reasonable prices.




You can find more information on buying live lobsters at the Maine Lobster Promotional Council, 382 Harlow Street, Bangor, Maine 04401 or through the Maine Lobster Advisory Council.